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Renaissance, in partnership with Curve Digital, were the lead PR agency in bringing the captivating and unique colonisation and coding game, Autonauts, to market.

Starting with announcement in July 2019 to launch in October. This short campaign had a laser focus, targeting specialist and mainstream media that would give this unique premise a chance with cover features in Wireframe Magazine (UK), lead review in The Guardian newspaper’s weekly G2 supplement (including online), as well as regular coverage on Eurogamer (UK), Polygon (NA), Rock Paper Shotgun (UK) and other opinion-leading outlets.

Over 300 articles worldwide from notable media were achieved worldwide during the campaign including 50+ reviews culminating in a Metacritic score of 80.

We also spearheaded Autonauts appearance at Yogcon, gamescom, Develop, EGX, and Twitchcon - including designing keynotes to be presented by key talent behind the development of the game.

Wooing content creators to help spread the word about Autonauts was an integral part of the campaign, with 36,666,410 views from over 100 content creators during the critical month 1 launch period on YouTube – many of whom covered the game in multiple videos. This success was also replicated on Twitch as well, with over 203,605 of Autonauts watched with 782 broadcasters dedicating time to streaming the game throughout month 1.

All of our interactions with content creators was 100% organic, with no streams or videos being paid for.

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