Powerwash Simulator: Warhammer 40K

worldwide-campaignsPowerwash Simulator: Warhammer 40K


Renaissance PR worked on the launch of FuturLab’s PowerWash Simulator Warhammer 40,000 Special Pack DLC, which was released on 27th February. This was a short one-month campaign that covered a release date announcement beat, a launch day beat and reviews of the DLC across all platforms*​

Campaign coverage was 261 articles with a reach of 811 million UVPM​

Highlights included IGN - US (106 million UVPM), PC Gamer - UK (23.3 million UVPM), TechRadar - UK (23.2 million UVPM)​

There were 15 mostly positive reviews & impressions which included PC Gamer - UK (23.4 million UVPM), Polygon - US (25.9 million UVPM) & Rock Paper Shotgun - UK (6.1 million UVPM)

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